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Attention, Massachusetts Library System Members: BiblioTemps® is ready to help you with your short-term staffing needs! We recruit and place experienced library staff in short-term assignments in libraries across Massachusetts.

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BiblioTemps® seeks people with library experience to fill short-term assignments at libraries throughout Massachusetts in areas including (but not limited to):

Archives Cataloging Circulation Grant writing Management Reference Web design Youth services

BiblioTemps® will be assigned to help manage public service desks, complete special projects, or assist with other aspects of library operations. Assignments may range from one day substitutions to multi-month interim placements.

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BiblioTemps® seeks people with all levels and types of library experience. Our goal is to assemble a team that can meet a full range of library staffing needs, from Circulation Desk worker to Interim Director. Candidates include:

Experienced professional librarians New professionals with [...]

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How can BiblioTemps® help my library?

BiblioTemps® will:

Review résumés and interview potential staff. Process employment paperwork and conduct a CORI check, if needed. Provide a brief orientation for staff focusing on principles, procedures and customer service. Seek the best match of skills and abilities with the request for personnel. Send you résumés to review and select from, or arranges interviews to meet your needs. Process timesheets and payroll for personnel placed at your library.

Among BiblioTemps® are workers who specialize in these areas and in many more:

Archives/Local History/Digital Libraries Book [...]