BiblioTemps®: Staffing Solutions for Libraries

Attention, Massachusetts Library System Members: BiblioTemps® is ready to help you with your short-term staffing needs! We recruit and place experienced library staff in short-term assignments in libraries across Massachusetts.

Are you a library worker?

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BiblioTemps® seeks people with library experience to fill short-term assignments at libraries throughout Massachusetts in areas including (but not limited to):

Archives Cataloging Circulation Grant writing Management Reference Web design Youth services

BiblioTemps® will be assigned to help manage public service desks, complete special projects, or assist with other aspects of library operations. Assignments may range from one day substitutions to multi-month interim [...]

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How can BiblioTemps® help my library?

BiblioTemps® will:

Review résumés and interview potential staff. Process employment paperwork and conduct a CORI check, if needed. Provide a brief orientation for staff focusing on principles, procedures and customer service. Seek the best match of skills and abilities [...]