Welcome To BiblioTemps!

Staffing Solutions for Libraries

BiblioTemps® is an employment service of the Massachusetts Library System that specializes in the recruitment of skilled library workers for short-term and temporary to permanent placements in public, academic, and special libraries. Our temps have provided thousands of hours of quality service to libraries throughout Massachusetts. It is our mission to empower libraries by providing them with personnel resources required to meet patron needs and to contribute to a strong library workforce in Massachusetts.

 Hire a BiblioTemp!

How can BiblioTemps® help your library?

We recruit and screen library staff and match them with client library requests. Among BiblioTemps® are workers who specialize in:

  • Archives/Local History/Digital Libraries
  • Book Repair
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Grant writing
  • Information technology
  • Management
  • Reference
  • Web design and authoring
  • Youth Services
  • And many more!

At BiblioTemps® we will:

  • Find the best match of skills and abilities of potential employees with what you need.
  • Recruit candidates, review résumés, conduct reference checks, and interview potential staff.
  • Process employment paperwork and conduct a CORI check, if needed.
  • Provide an orientation for staff focusing being professional and providing excellent customer service.
  • Send you résumés to review and select from and arranges interviews with candidates within your schedule.
  • Process timesheets and payroll for personnel placed at your library.
  • Save you time and money with recruiting by providing highly qualified staff at reasonable rates!

The placement libraries provide specific training if needed and supervision, while MLS manages payroll and bills clients for salary costs plus a service fee.

Be a BiblioTemp!

Are you a good candidate for BiblioTemps?    Be a BiblioTemp!

BiblioTemps® seeks people with all levels and types of library experience. Our goal is to assemble a team that can meet a full range of library staffing needs. Candidates include:

  • Experienced professional librarians
  • New professionals with a master’s degree in library science
  • Paraprofessionals
  • General staff with library experience

Potential BiblioTemps® come from all stages of life:

  • Recently retired
  • New graduates
  • Unemployed
  • Part-time workers looking for additional hours
  • Currently enrolled MLS students

If you are a fast learner and a strong team player with the experience and desire to help Massachusetts libraries meet their patrons’ needs, then BiblioTemps® is for you!